Have you ever imagined a hand as a beast? Well now you will actually hear what one looks like. 
My beast is a sky colored hand with a purple can on its pinky finger. Also around the wrist of the monster is a white fluffy donut that he got at Funny Fred’s Donuts, for his sisters birthday party. 
     His legs were once white but now they are pink after he jumped in a pink pool. Since Mr.Grumpy Dude likes skateboarding, he is rising an astonishing white skateboard everywhere he goes. Last year he joined the grumpy group forever and so now, his mouth is over his top lip with 3 pointy teeth out of his bottom lip. 
     Last but not least you have his one bottom half of a circle lazy eye witch has a crescent moon pupil. The second time you see Mr.Grumpy Dude, I think you will be surprised that he looks the same as now! 
5/22/2012 12:05:00 pm

I love your monster writing it was so good that I felt like I meet it in real life. You are the best writer ever.


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